This is a general price list for private commissions only - they do not reflect my rates for commercial work. If you're interested in hiring me for commercial work, please e-mail!

Please remember to read the Terms/Other info section and make sure you're ok with and understand what I've written before contacting me. I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason.

I work with different styles and have tried to accurately represent them on this page. If you'd like me to use a specific style for your commission, just let me know!


Cartoony portrait, $50: A simple portrait of you or another person with something that defines, interests, or otherwise describes you. Or it could even just be Batman riding a shark. Whatever works for you! Artwork will be done on 8 x 10 Arches watercolor paper.

Pet/animal portrait, $85: Can be your pet, someone else's pet, or even just your favorite animal in a scene of your choosing (or you can leave it up to me if you want)! These will be done on 8.5 x 11 Arches watercolor paper.

Cartoon watercolor scene, $100: A full painted scene done in a cartoony style based on your ideas and description! These will be done on 9 x 12 Arches watercolor paper.

Other watercolor work: Please contact me for pricing.

LINE ART - $10 bust, $20 full body

Lines only for any regular digital/real media commission. You pick which you like best! Prices include simple background details, or you can request a full background for an additional fee.

Additional Characters: $7 bust, $15 full body (price is per character)
Full Background: $10

MARKERS - $25 bust, $40 full body

Art done with Prismacolor and Copic markers on Bristol or a similar quality paper. Prices include simple background details, or you can request a full background for an additional fee.

Additional characters: $20 bust, $35 full body (price is per character)
Full background: $15

DIGITAL ART, FLAT COLOR ONLY - $15 bust, $30 full body

Digital art with flat colors, simple shading, and details.

Additional characters: $10 bust, $25 full body (price is per character)
Full background: $10

DIGITAL ART, FULL COLOR - bust $40, full body $60

Digital art with detailed color and shading. Prices include a themed background, or you can request a full background for an additional fee.

Additional characters: $35 bust, $50 full body (price is per character)
Full background: $25


If you don't see what you're looking for here or aren't sure about pricing for what you want, just ask! I'll be more than happy to help you figure something out.

If there's anything else you don't see here, or you want to ask about other types of private commissions not listed, feel free to e-mail me. is what I typically use for private commissions since it's linked to my PayPal, but you can use either e-mail listed on this page and I'll still get it!

Inquiries for commercial work should be sent to


Subject Matter:
My artwork is generally "G" rated - I am fine with drawing artistic nudity or pin-up style art if it fits the piece and character but will not draw erotica, pornography, or anything meant to fit that nature. Please be respectful of this and use discretion when contacting me with a request.

Fan art: I'm open to this depending on the character and what it's from but may turn down requests for things I'm not familiar with or am not personally a fan of. You're always welcome to ask me about any fan art-related requests, though!

I reserve the right to refuse any and all commission requests for any reason.

I'm absolutely fine with you sharing your comissioned artwork online and encourage you to do so as long as you link back to this website, my blog, or one of my online galleries. You're free to make icons, badges, and other copies for personal use only. You are NOT allowed to reproduce, modify, or otherwise use the artwork for sale, commercial, or promotional purposes. If you need artwork for commercial or promotional use, I'll be more than happy to create something specific for you! Please keep in mind that pricing for commercial work will differ from what's listed here.


I accept payment in US dollars through PayPal (my PayPal e-mail is Please do not send payment until I have accepted your commission. Payment is required before I will start working, either in full or as a split payment of half up front/half when completed for anything over $50. No final artwork will be sent until I receive full payment, though I will send a small photo/low-res screenshot as proof of completion.

One or more clear, accurate images of whoever or whatever you want me to draw is probably the best thing you can send me! If you don't have any, a text description with photo examples will help a lot. I work best from visual references so this is the most important thing. A description of your chosen subject's personality, likes/dislikes, or anything else that will help me get the most accurate representation possible is also recommended.


You will be shown a sketch to look over before I finish the artwork. Any changes should be requested at this point (especially since I can't make changes to finished artwork for real media commissions). You're also allowed one complete re-draw of the sketch if it's not to your liking; additional re-draws will be $5 each, and I will require payment for these before I draw them. For commissions that take longer than a week or so, I'll keep you updated on progress by sending photos or screenshots of what I'm currently working on.

Turnaround will generally be around 1 to 2 weeks for line work and flat colored art and 1 to 2 months or more for watercolor pieces and full color art. I currently work full-time, so at the moment I generally only have time to work on weekends. There may be times where I'm working on other projects and have to slow down on commissions. If this happens, I'll notify you beforehand and give you an updated timeframe.

If you need artwork done by a specific date, please contact me at minimum 1-2 months in advance (two months or more is recommended for watercolor work or full color art during the holidays). I may turn down requests if I don't think I can have them finished by the requested date. If you need the final artwork mailed to you, please don't forget to factor in shipping time when giving me a deadline.

Finished digital artwork will be e-mailed and will include a high resolution file with a resized version for posting online and easier viewing. If you'd also like me to make icons, just let me know what size you need!
Real media artwork will be mailed USPS First Class in a padded bubble mailer with sturdy cardboard backing. If you want to upgrade to Priority Mail or add tracking/insurance, let me know! The shipping fee will be factored into the final commission price.


If at any time during the work process you decide to cancel your commission, the amount of money refunded will be based on the amount of work completed. In a case where only half of the work has been paid for but more than half of the work has been completed, I will require a final payment based on how much additional work was done. Full refunds will only be given if no work has been started at the time of cancellation or if I am unable to complete the commission.

No refunds will be given after work has been completed.

Any other questions can be sent to Thanks!